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This Privacy Policy explains how we (Apps AiT) collect, handle and process your personal information when you (“user”) use our Drum Pad – Beat Master App, website, and related services (collectively “Services”).


Please go through and read the privacy policy document carefully before using our Services.


Overview of the contents of this Privacy Policy :


  1. Information We Collect
  2. How We Will Use Your Information
  3. Your Rights And Controls
  4. Why We Share Your Information
  5. Retention Of Your Information
  6. Cookies And Personalised Advertising
  7. Children Under 13
  8. Changes To Privacy Policy
  9. Contact Us



  1. Information We Collect


When you use our services, we require you to register an account with us before using our Services. We may be able to collect your personal information and be able to identify you automatically or be able to collect your information from third-party services or partners.


We collect the information you directly provide to us when you register an account with us, fill out a form for feedback, or for diagnostics and customer support, which may include your name, email address, and Phone Number. We may automatically collect your device information like the type of device you are using, the resolution, operating system, device ID, application version, language, time zone, and IP Address, and with your consent, we may collect your general location information.

We can also collect information about the usage of our Services like the date and time of use of the Services, features you have selected, In-app purchase history, your data, and interaction with our Services and advertisements.

We may also ask for access to media files if any media upload is needed for diagnostics and feedback.

We may receive your information from third-party services that collect your information in accordance with their own Privacy Policies. In the case when we decide to provide the option to connect our Services with third parties like Google, Apple, or Facebook and you accept, we may receive certain information about you that has been made publicly available. We can also receive any information that you allow to be accessed, including your Apple ID, Facebook ID, name, email, etc. If you wish to change the information that is made available, visit the respective websites to make such changes.

We may collect any user-generated content with your consent from uploads on social media platforms. This may include your name, image, voice, social media username, and other information which may help in identifying you.

We and third-party advertisers and their partners may use cookies such as mobile “SDK” to provide you with personalised Services and advertisements. You may opt out of being provided with personalised advertisements.


We use MIT OpenCourseWare License, please go through the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of the License.


The information that is received by us from third parties is stored and processed by us as mentioned in this Privacy Policy statement.


Privacy Policy of Third Party Service Providers Used by the app

Link to the app’s third-party service providers’ privacy policies


  1. How We Will Use Your Information


We may end up using your personal information for the following reasons –


  1. To provide our Services continually, to sync your progress across all your devices when you log in with third parties or for business purposes, and to recognise when you are using our Services. Our legal basis for processing information is the performance of the contract which you entered into when you downloaded our Services and accepted our policies and terms.


  1. To use user-generated content provided by you which may include personal information. Our legal basis is consent obtained directly by you from mediums like social platforms, e-mail etc., used to obtain such consent.


  1. To allow you to sync and back up your progress with third parties such as Google Play Games, Facebook or Apple Game Center. Some of our Services provide the option to sync and/or back up your progress once you log in using any third-party social network, but these require authorization from you and are not activated automatically. Please take note that third-party networks are governed by their own terms of use and privacy policies and we have no control over the sharing practices of such third parties.


  1. To protect and administer our Services like troubleshooting, testing, support, analysis, reporting, fraud and hosting the data).


  1. To communicate with you regarding contact forms, and support and to understand how to continuously improve our Services based on your preference and on how you use our Services. You can request to opt out of any communication with us regarding our Services through our support feature.


  1. To respond to any legal proceedings or any such obligations under applicable law.


  1. To give personalised advertisements using third-party advertising networks in our Services. However, please note that in some jurisdictions, our third-party advertising networks will be reliant on your sole consent to process Personal Information to provide you with personalized advertising. You can choose to withdraw your consent at any time from receiving personalised advertising.


  1. To cross-advertise our Services and send push notifications for changes and new features to our Services when you give the permission to do so. You can opt out of receiving advertisements for our Services by reaching out to us through support and you can stop receiving push notifications by disabling the same through device settings.


Our legal basis is legitimate interests to be able to run our business, provide you with services, administration, and support, advertise our Services to users and keep users updated regarding our Services and provide continuous improvements.


  1. Your Rights And Controls

Regarding our use of your personal information, you have rights under applicable data protection law, including:

Right to Information. To let you know how we manage your personal information, we have published this privacy statement. We are dedicated to using your information in a transparent manner.

Right to Access. In general, the interface of the Services allows you to access the personal data you have given us.

Right to Correct. If your personal data is incorrect or lacking, you have the right to update or rectify it.

Right to Object. You have the right to object on grounds specific to your circumstances to some uses of your personal information, such as direct marketing, processing based on legitimate interests, and processing for statistical or historical research.

Right to Delete. You have the right to request that your personal information be deleted or that its use be restricted in certain situations (for example, you can ask that we delete your contact information if it is no longer required for the reason it was acquired, excepting specific exceptions).

Right to Transfer Data. You have the right to ask for specific copies of the personal data you’ve given us so that you can use it for your own purposes (often referred to as the right to data portability). Please be aware that since we typically do not keep any of your personal information, we may not be able to offer any copies of it; and

Right to Revoke Consent. You can revoke your consent at any time by sending us a note that specifically identifies the consent you are revoking if we are processing your personal information with your consent. Please be aware that the legality of any processing operations based on your consent before it was withdrawn is unaffected by your withdrawal of consent;

Please note that because the account registration function is not provided in the Services, we do not collect any registration information from you when you use the Services.

The particular rights which are applicable to you (which might include other rights not listed above) may vary depending on your jurisdiction. You should make yourself aware of the rights you have under applicable privacy laws in your jurisdictions.

Kindly note that, if you decide to not provide the personal information we request (such as your contact detail to communicate with you) we may not be able to timely respond to your needs or request with respect to your rights as has been set forth above.

If a minor uses our products and we are made aware that we have accidentally collected children’s information, we will delete such information as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind that in case of any violation of any of the terms of use by the user, we have the right to terminate your (“users”) access or usage rights in the app immediately or remove non-compliant information or both, as the case may be.



  1. Why We Share Your Information


We may share your information with certain third-party providers and/or partners or employees to help us to troubleshoot, operate and/or improve our Services.

We may share your information with advertisers who distribute their advertisements in our Services. You can withdraw this consent at any time you wish to.

Additionally, we may also transfer your information for corporate transactions, which involves in part or in whole an acquisition, restructuring, merger, or change of ownership. We may also be sharing your information if we have any legal obligation to share or disclose the information.

We may also share your information if doing so will mitigate our liability in any kind of lawsuit or protect our legal rights or those of our business partners, users or other interested parties.

We may share your information with third parties at your request or after asking for consent (in such cases we will always make it clear why we are sharing the information).

In some cases, there may be cross-border information transfer, the information transferred will be done so with needed safeguards in place and in accordance with data protection laws.

Our Services offer features for sharing across social media platforms. Before doing so, please ensure you are above the minimum age limit as prescribed in your jurisdiction.



  1. Retention Of Your Information


We will store your personal information with us only for as long as it is needed. We will keep your information with us to resolve any disputes, comply with any legal obligations, provide diagnostic Services, and enforce legal policies.


We may also retain your information to the extent that is necessary to improve the Services we provide. We may retain your data for longer periods when we are legally obligated to do so.


Any information that is collected via our Services will be held by us only as long as it is permitted by law to do so or when the information no longer serves the aforementioned purposes.




  1. Links To Third Party Services


Our privacy policy may contain links to third-party sites that are not in our control. If you click the link, you will be redirected to a third-party website. We do not assume any responsibility for any of the practices, content, or privacy policies of any such third-party services. We strongly recommend you to review the terms and policies of every third-party site you visit.




  1. Children Under 13


We provide our services to people over 13 years of age (or the prescribed age in your jurisdiction, whichever is higher). Children should use the Services only under the supervision and through the guidance of their parent or guardian to protect their child’s personal information. If you are a child under the age of 13 (or the prescribed age in your jurisdiction, whichever is higher), please read this policy with the assistance of your parent or guardian, and ensure you share with us information with the consent of your parent or guardian. If we come to know of our products have accidentally collected children’s information, we will delete such information as soon as possible.



  1. Changes To Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to periodically update and/or modify this Privacy Policy. For significant changes to our Privacy Policy, we will update you regarding the Privacy Policy through our App and obtain your consent again. We will also post the notification on our website to notify you about any changes to our Privacy Policy.


  1. Contact Us


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, or if you wish to exercise your rights in respect of your personal information, please contact us at the Email Address – [email protected]

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